Stop Financing Russian Energy

Russia’s energy sector is highly attractive for foreign investors. In 2021, total foreign direct investment in the energy resource sector amounted to $116 billion.

Without the financial support of foreign banks, investors and insurers, the Russian energy sector would be a shadow of its current self.

Foreign investors and banks have been doing business with Russia for decades. Some like the big profit margins, others appreciate the loose or largely absent regulatory oversight, and yet others have developed deep ties to one or more oligarchs, which promise repeat business.

Without them, Vladimir Putin’s ability to hold the EU in a chokehold over coal, oil, and gas deliveries would be greatly diminished. These are the Russian fossil fuel industry’s most significant foreign investors.

Rosatom – Putin’s Nuclear Boogeyman

Read about EU governments and companies involved with Russia’s state-owned nuclear giant Rosatom, Putin’s personal creation that administers Russia’s atomic energy operations as well as its nuclear weapons programs.

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Biggest Fossil Fuel Buyers

Read about the biggest European buyers of Russian coal, oil, and gas that directly support the global activities of Russia’s big 4 fossil fuel companies.

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Cancel Cooperation

Read about the companies around the world that operate in joint ventures with Russia’s biggest fossil fuel companies and thus directly support their global activities.

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Our demands

Read about our demands and a word from our Russian partner Ecodefense

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