Defuel Russia’s War Machine

On February 24, 2022 Russia waged an unprovoked, deadly war on Ukraine.

So far, it has resulted in thousands of civilian casualties, millions of refugees, and large-scale destruction of Ukrainian cities and towns. Vladimir Putin and his regime are paying for this war with the billions of US Dollars and Euros that companies have been spending on Russian coal, oil, gas, and nuclear fuel imports into the European Union. In 2021, the EU spent $108 billion (€99 billion) on Russian energy imports.


In 2021, Russia delivered 140 billion cubic meters of gas by various pipelines and 15 billion cubic meters in the form of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to the EU. This accounts for 45% of gas imports and 40% of gas consumption in the EU.


In 2020, the latest year where complete data is available, Russia delivered nearly 49 million tons of hard coal to the EU, with an upward trend. The amount corresponded to 46% of the EU’s total hard coal imports.


In 2020, Russia exported 2.8 million barrels of crude oil per day to the EU, which accounted for 27% of the EU’s oil imports.


In 2020, Russia supplied 2,545 metric tons of uranium to the EU.

The EU’s dangerous dependence on Russian energy imports is now financing the illicit, deadly plans of an unpredictable autocrat. EU energy companies and governments created this dependence willingly and knowingly. Today, most of them condemn Putin’s aggression in official statements, yet they strive to maintain the status quo in Russian energy imports. Some even called Russia a reliable trade partner while Putin was already amassing troops on the Ukrainian border.

“Anyone who lobbies for maintaining Russian energy supplies to the West must be in the clear: Your money is funding the bullets, shells, and missiles that rain upon Ukraine today.” Vladimir Slivyak, founder of Ecodefense and laureate of
the Right Livelihood Award 2021

It is time to defuel Russia’s war machine.

  1. European companies and governments must immediately stop all energy imports from Russia and abandon all plans for doing business there.
  2. Foreign companies must stop their fuel and energy production in Russia and cancel all joint ventures with Russian companies for energy activities in Russia and abroad.
  3. International investors and financial institutions must stop providing financial services to Russia’s energy industry.

Get involved!

Call on energy companies to finally step up, take responsibility and help end this war.

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