Cancel Cooperation

Western companies are working side by side with Russia’s big 4 fossil fuel giants – Gazprom, Rosneft, Lukoil, and Novatek – on oil and gas production projects in Russia and abroad. Few have announced divestment plans and halts to any future projects, and even fewer have made decisive moves to completely sever business ties with Russia.

Get involved!

Call on energy companies to finally step up, take responsibility and help end this war.

Rosatom – Putin’s Nuclear Boogeyman

Read about EU governments and companies involved with Russia’s state-owned nuclear giant Rosatom, Putin’s personal creation that administers Russia’s atomic energy operations as well as its nuclear weapons programs.

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Biggest Fossil Fuel Buyers

Read about the biggest European buyers of Russian coal, oil, and gas that directly support the global activities of Russia’s big 4 fossil fuel companies.

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Stop Financing Russian Energy

Read about financial institutions which have recently backed Russia’s fossil energy companies and have not yet announced plans to divest or cancel their financial support.

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Our demands

Read about our demands and a word from our Russian partner Ecodefense

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